Quote to Cash Workflow

Proposal submission phase is the most critical and time consuming sales funnel


Seller Dashboard

Single view of all Business Proposals, Contracts, Terms of Membership or Budgets. Take control of all sales documents. Sent, Viewed, Approved, Disapproved, Expired, or Canceled status gives you a quick and clear view for you to take immediate action and shorten the sales cycle.

Sales Documents Actions

With just one click you can: Edit, view, send, download, PDF, cancel, revise clauses or clone sales documents, be they contracts, business proposals, terms or budgets.

Prepare Sales Documents

In a single screen, you can register the customer, add the trading conditions, means of payment, effective and due dates and define how the contract will be signed: paper or online.

Prepare Sales Documents

Add services or products, give discounts, view summary, save and submit proposal. Simple in just a few minutes.

Email with Proposal

Your customer will receive an email like this below, clicking on the link, will open the proposal or contract sent: When APPROVED or REPROVAR, the seller and all commercial managers receive a notification email.

Assinatura do Documento de Venda

Seu cliente receberá um e-mail como este abaixo, ao clicar no link, abrirá a proposta ou contrato enviado: Ao APROVAR ou REPROVAR, o vendedor e todos os gestores comerciais recebem um e-mail de notificação.

Charge your customers

SalesDocs is integratade with various means of payment to collect as soon as the contract is signed. Or, you can send the new contract to the corporate ERP for the charge to be made there.

Connect Your Favorite Application

SalesDocs.io has integration for the leading CRMs and ERPs on the market.